Our Quality Control Report System is Unique

Our technical survey reporting system is unique to C.I.S. Our inspection reports are tailored to customers’ needs, using registered quality assurance and control templates and our own expertise, earned from years of experience. Below, you can see examples of our reports.

The Ri Scale

RI - 1

  • ¨Ri-1 - Recently Coated, 
  • ¨(Less than 0.05% Breakdown.)
  • Corrosion Categories do not apply to Ri 1

RI - 3

  • ¨RI-3 - (0.5% AREA RUSTED) 
  • ¨Breakdown of coating visible, either localised corrosion or scattered corrosion noted.

RI - 5

  • Ri – 5 (40%-50% area rusted.)
  •  Corrosion clearly visible, No scale present.


  • ¨Ri5 Cat A
  • Category A –Light Scale (1-2mm thick) Estimated metal loss below 0.5mm.


  • Ri5 Cat C
  • Severe Scale above 6mm Estimated metal loss between 2mm - 5mm

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